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Nectandra Cloud Forest Preserve is a horticultural display garden landscaped to exhibit the immense richness of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. The premontane cloud forest of this region has one the highest density of species in the world, where, as naturalist Ken Miyata described in his book titled Tropical Nature, “Rare species are common, and common species are rare.”

The Garden carries out educational programs for the general public, and conducts limited scientific studies to support its educational goals. These goals are to promote understanding of neotropical cloud forests: their biodiversity, their ecology, and their importance to our future.

The preserve includes two properties, separated by a highway. (See photos in Location.) The larger Nectandra Garden is located within 130 hectares of premontane mostly primary and mature secondary (≥ 35 yr) cloud forest, with luxuriant wild epiphytes — orchids, ferns, bryophytes, and heliconias.

In striking contrast to the mature Nectandra Garden, the smaller property (8 ha.), designated as Persea Garden, is a rapidly regenerating native forest on a former ornamental plantation. It is dominated by the impressive pioneer trees and plants, which provide shade and wind protection for the slower emerging hardwoods. Avifauna are more active and more visible at Persea.

All the proceeds from the two Gardens go to support our sister non-profit organization, the Nectandra Institute and its watershed conservation programs. The Garden is operated by Nectandra SA, a Costa Rican corporation formed to generate income for the activities and mission of its sister non-profit organization The Nectandra Institute.

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